Ana Pollak lives and works on Dangar Island on the Hawkesbury River. She began her art studies at the Byam Shaw School of Painting and Drawing in London in 1976 and at Alexander Mackie School of Art from 1978 to 1980. Her involvement with film began in 1980. From 1981 – 1983 she created the […]


Ana Pollak was born in Sydney in 1958. Since 1987, Ana has lived and worked on Dangar Island in New South Wales, Australia. Her Solo Exhibitions include showings at the Sara Roney in Sydney and the Ace gallery at the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles. In 2009 Ana Pollak was awarded the Dobell Prize […]


When an ‘unknown’ artist wins a major art prize with a work that is refreshingly understated in our highly coloured, upfront world, the impact is amplified. So it was with the 2007 Dobell Prize for Drawing, won by Ana Pollak with Mullet Creek, an oyster lease not far from her home on the Hawkesbury River.


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Nock Art Foundation Residency, Hong Kong

Nock Art Foundation Residency, Hong Kong

In April 2017 I was granted an arts residency in Hong Kong with the Nock Art Foundation for two months. While in Hong Kong I sought out both traditional and contemporary Chinese Calligraphers. The Calligraphers whom I met generously shared their ideas, knowledge and philosophies about their painting and calligraphy. Their passion and dedication to […]

Flux Limited Edition  – Purchase On Line

Flux Limited Edition – Purchase On Line

Flux is available in a limited edition of 60 hand bound, signed portfolios, 125 x 185 x 22 mm. Each portfolio contains a high definition digital film on a custom made USB as well as 5 fold-out stills. Price:$900. Flux is also available in an edition of 200 USB drives. Price:$90.

Flux the Film

Flux the Film

Flux combines manual drawing with digital technology to create a film of irregular mark making. The images were triggered by music and nature and then interpreted back into sound by the sound artist, Micheal Harding for the sound track. Flux took one year to trial new mediums and ideas, then a second year to draw […]